SWMM 5.1.013

Michelle Simon

Thanks to Lew Rossman, SWMM 5.1.013 is ready for download from https://www.epa.gov/water-research/storm-water-management-model-swmm . Please check the epaswmm5_updates.txt for the added features and bug fixes. SWMM 5.1.013 defaults to installing into its own folder that won't over-write any earlier version of SWMM.

Please report to simon.michelle@epa.gov if you have any problems with loading SWMM 5.1.013. We think that we have resolved the missing VCOMP140.DLL file error but please report if you receive it or any other errors.

You can also check what's new in this version by selecting Help | What's New from the app's main menu bar.

Robert Dickinson

Thank you Michelle and all at EPA for supporting and developing EPASWMM over the years! Lew Rossman has added many new and important features to this version of EPASWMM5. I think everyone will enjoy and appreciate the new features - see What's New as Michelle mentions for these new features. Lew has had an incomparable career helping all with EPANET and SWMM5. He has certainly outdone himself with this new version, in my opinion.

Robert Dickinson

I should also have mentioned Michael Tryby and Michelle herself for supporting this version of SWMM 5. Michael has a very good regression testing program now for SWMM and EPANET which helps insure that new versions are thoroughly tested. 

Thomas Batroney

I really appreciate upgrade #1 and the ability to now better represent surface changes in growing seasons during continuous simulations. Thank you!

Will be interesting to see how our typical year model simulations change now with the ability to have monthly varying subcatchment parameters.

Muhammed Attaul Gani Chowdhury

I am really thankful to Lew Rossman and EPA team for bringing some wonderful new features in SWMM 5.1.013. Specially, the ability to capture the monthly variability of sub-catchment parameters (N-perv,Depression storage and Infiltration).

Rajesh Rajan

Michelle and Lew thanks for the latest version of SWMM. Similar to what Bob said, thanks EPA for supporting the development of this very nice and invaluable tool, over the years. Thanks Bob for your guidance and support.

A few notes about the latest version.

  1. As most of might have already found out, the latest command line executable of the SWMM calls and executes the SWMM5.dll, in the same manner that the Delphi GUI used to do in the past (keeps the process clean in my opinion).
  2. Few tips; do not change the name of the DLL; the new swmm command line executable can simulate models using old dlls, I did preliminary tests with dll of version 5.1.011.
  3. Thanks for including the VC++ redistributable with the latest install, it might taken some digging on the users part to figure out the VC++ dependency, if the install didn't included.
  4. The Preissmann Slot option, the time step averaging option, periodic time step for control rule evaluation and varying weir coefficient seems very promising, but we are still testing the impacts on results.

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