5.1.007 bug: detailed LID report time step in minutes, not hours

Rob James

Elapsed time in detailed LID report time series are written in units of minutes, not hours as indicated in the header. SWMM version 5.0.022 and earlier output elapsed time in units of hours.

Work around:

Either use Excel to divide the elapsed time column by 60 to get hours, or interpret the elapsed time as minutes.

Suggested resolution:

Either the header could be changed to indicate units of minutes, or the elapsed time could be output in decimal hours by dividing by 3600 in lidproc_saveResults, instead of 60.

The header string is created in initLidRptFile() in lid.c:

"\nElapsed\t    Total\t    Total\t  Surface\t     Soil\t   Bottom\t  Surface\t    Drain\t  Surface\t    Soil/\t  Storage"
"\n   Time\t   Inflow\t     Evap\t    Infil\t     Perc\t    Infil\t   Runoff\t  Outflow\t    Depth\t    Pave \t    Depth");
"\n  Hours\t");

The calculation of elapsed time is found in lidproc_saveResults() in lidproc.c

  //... write results to file
       // fprintf(theLidUnit->rptFile->file, "\n%7.3f\t",
       //         NewRunoffTime/1000.0/3600.0);
        fprintf(theLidUnit->rptFile->file, "\n%7.0f\t",