5.1.010 bug: maximum reported depth incorrect for SI units

Rob James

The column "Reported Max Depth" in the Node Depth Summary table of the status report is incorrect when using SI units. This issue should also affect SWMM5.1.009.

This column was added in SWMM5.1.009 to report the maximum depth recorded at a reporting time step (i.e. at the resolution of the SWMM output time series), so it can be compared to the maximum depth attained over all routing time steps also shown in the table (Maximum Depth column).

The problem seems to be caused by converting the value to the user's length units twice. Removing the " * UCF(LENGTH)" in the following line should resolve the problem.

From writeNodeDepths() in statsrpt.c (SWMM5.1.010):

days, hrs, mins, NodeStats[j].maxRptDepth * UCF(LENGTH));

This issue was discovered independently by both Robert Dickinson (Innovyze) and CHI.