A Methodology for Linking 2D Overland Flow Models with the Sewer Network Model SWMM 5.1 based on Dynamic Link Libraries

Principal Investigator


Dr. Jorge Leandro
Dr. Ricardo Martins


January 2015 - December 2015


Pluvial flooding in urban areas is characterized by a gradually varying inundation process caused by surcharge of the sewer manholes. Therefore urban flood models need to simulate the interaction between the sewer network and the overland flow in order to accurately predict the flood inundation extents. In this work we present a methodology for linking 2D overland flow models with the storm sewer model SWMM 5. SWMM 5 is a well known free open source code originally developed in 1971. The latest major release saw its structure rewritten in C ++, allowing it to be compiled as a command line executable or through a series of calls made to functions inside a dynamic link library (DLL). The methodology developed herein is written inside the same DLL in C + +, and is able to simulate the bi-directional interaction between both models during simulation. Validation is done in a real case study with an existing urban flood coupled model. The novelty herein is that the new methodology can be added to SWMM without the need of editing SWMM's original code. Furthermore, it is directly applicable to other coupled overland flow models aiming to use SWMM 5 as the sewer network model.