A Width Parameter Estimation Through Equivalent Rectangle Methodology for Hydraulic Modeling Applications Nov 2022Research Project    

Managing the Keysers River Catchment with Sustainable Urban Drainage Aug 2022Research Project   

Managing the Zandvlei Catchment with Sustainable Urban Drainage Sep 2019Research Project   

Integrated Flood Risk Mitigation and Management In Low Lying Urban Areas: A Case Study of Banda Slum Zone B1 & B3 Oct 2018Research Project   

Hydrology-Informed Metapopulation Modeling of Liver Fluke Transmission in the Lawa Lake Complex of Northeast Thailand Sep 2018Research Project   

Modeling Urban Sewers with Artificial Fractal Geometries Jun 2018Research Project    

Stormwater Management Feasibility Study Exhibition Place, Toronto Nov 2017Research Project     

Assessing the Ability of Infiltration-Based WSUD Systems to Manage Channel-Forming Flow Regimes in Greenfield Catchment Developments: a Catchment Dcale Investigation Mar 2017Research Project    

The Use of PCSWMM for Assessing the Impacts of Land Use Changes on Hydrological Responses and Performance of WSUD in Managing the Impacts at Myponga Catchment, South Australia Mar 2017Research Project   

Modeling of Underdrains in SWMM LID-Units Mar 2017Research Project    

A Methodology for Linking 2D Overland Flow Models with the Sewer Network Model SWMM 5.1 based on Dynamic Link Libraries Jul 2016Research Project   

An EPA SWMM Integrated Model for Calculating the Pollutant Removal Efficiency of Low Impact Development Practices Jul 2016Research Project    

Understanding the Relationship Between Urban Best Management Practices and Ecosystem Services Jun 2016Research Project    

Assessment of the Urban Small Hydropower System at Malaysia Jun 2016Research Project    

Integrated Sensing and Prediction of Urban Water for Sustainable Cities Jun 2016Research Project     

The Viability of Urban Stormwater Ponds to Function as Water Resources in Cape Town Mar 2016Research Project   

Evaluation of Urban Low Impact Development (LID) Practices in Reducing Peak Discharge and Runoff Volume Feb 2016Research Project   

Using PCSWMM to Simulate First Flush and Assess Performance of Extended Dry Detention Ponds as Structural Stormwater BMPs in a Large Polluted Urban Watershed Dec 2015Research Project       
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